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Jacqui Barcos is a DGA award-winning filmmaker whose credits span the film, television and animation industries. Most recently, Barcos was commissioned by Roger Gimbal Productions to write the pilot and bible for The Amazons, a historical drama about the real women warriors of Ancient Anatolia (Turkey) circa 1200 BC. Last year, she wrote the pilot and bible for the wildlife crime series, The Last Savage. Developed in association with Athena Pictures and Hotel Mumbai Producer Joe Thomas, the series is based on the true exploits of an undercover wildlife crime operative in South Africa. Barcos is also in development on several new TV dramas for the International market including Native American supernatural thriller, Ghost of Little Wolf, as well as urban crime drama, Vigilante. In addition, Barcos is working closely with top Neuroscientists at Darpa and Berkeley in preparation for her directorial feature debut, an art-house indie thriller, Lost Gardens, which delves in to the fascinating world of Neurotech. Barcos made her first foray into television by selling her pitch, The Misfits to Graham King’s GK-TV.

In 2018, Barcos partnered with John Legend’s company, Get Lifted, to develop and produce her hip hop animated feature, Central Park Tale. Barcos was honored as a 2015 PGA Diversity Fellow to develop the project.

A US/Canadian filmmaker, Barcos specializes in developing socially conscious content for the global markets. A USC film school graduate, Barcos won a DGA award for her short film, Mala Sangre. In 2017 she was selected as a finalist for the Warner Brothers Directing Workshop. Prior to that, Barcos was selected as a finalist for the ABC/Disney Directing Workshop and participated as a shadow director on Lie To Me at 20th Century Fox. Barcos is a Founding Emeritus Board Member of the Alliance of Women Directors. 

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