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Nick Bain runs Behind the Billboards with Yule Caise. He is a Scottish screenwriter/producer with more than 10 years in the business. As a journalist and playwright, he was nominated for
Amnesty International’s Freedom of Expression Award. An expert in storycraft, he lectured at the University of Amsterdam and designed courses for The University of Greenwich, London. His producing credits include Warner Bros globally released feature The Man Who Knew Infinity, starring Dev Patel, Jeremy Irons and Stephen Fry (2016). 
As a writer, his work includes UK feature thriller The List (2014) and London gangster/Bollywood crossover movie Jagame Thanthiram, featuring Bollywood superstar Dhanush (2020).


Nick is a founding partner of Global Harbor Studios, Europe Film Studios, Malta and an executive at Cinema 84, the financier behind Terminator, Rambo First Blood and Platoon.

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