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The Salon For Global Content (SGC) is a peer-based creative collective dedicated to global content creators.  With the aim of fostering relationships and building bridges across international boundaries, the SGC hosts industry receptions, dinner parties, and salons to cultivate the art and business of global content.


  • At the SGC, we know the power of story – and we are dedicated to advancing the craft by empowering fresh, powerful and diverse voices.


  • We are committed to supporting Content Creators by building alliances with sister organizations around the world, hosting networking events, and offering a platform for shared resources and guided entrepreneurship.


  • We curate programs to be relevant, informative and intimate with the aim of forging relationships and sharing knowledge among like-minded global content professionals.


  • As Creatives, we believe in the primacy of social engagement.  In the spirit of the Paris Salons of the 1920s, we strive to bring back the camaraderie, wit and lively dialectic that ignited one of the greatest creative communities of the 20th century. 



The Salon for Global Content was founded in 2016 when writer-producer Maria Elena Rodriguez organized a day of panels devoted to International Series at the Writers Guild of America and invited writer-director Jacqui Barcos to speak.  Inspired by the outpouring of interest but dismayed at the lack of resources for U.S. creators to inform themselves and network in the burgeoning international market, Jacqui and Maria founded a peer-based collective dedicated to global content.


As counter-programming to the endless industry panels and emails of this digital age, Jacqui and Maria chose to launch SGC by hosting a leisurely, enchanting, mid-summer’s night dinner party inspired by the Paris-originated Dîner En Blanc. For the first time, LA-based international Showrunners, Producers, Creators, and Executives did not have to travel to the global markets of Cannes, London or Berlin to find their peers.  Rather than toiling alone in domestic silo, U.S. global creatives now have a thriving hub where they can meet, commingle and collaborate.  Over the last few years, the SGC has expanded and evolved, curating timely, practical tradecraft programming and social gatherings year-round. Our purpose is to foster community by building bridges and sharing resources across the globe.


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