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Growing up speaking Spanish, Greek and English at home, Spiro developed an early interest in language, which inspired him to write. His first foray into screenwriting was as a kid, when he wrote a script for his Star Wars figures where they battled his sister’s giant, menacing Barbie dolls—and he’s been writing ever since.

He won Best Original Screenplay at the Ohio Independent Film Festival for his first feature script, a character-driven ensemble piece. The prize money was enough to cover one month’s rent at the time, and more importantly encouraged him to keep writing.

His professional TV writing career began in comedy, writing episodes of ABC’s George Lopez; then he co-created and co-wrote the animated sci-fi/zombie web series Chadam, a cult-fav based on the eponymous character. He’s a graduate of NBC’s Writers on the Verge Program, which ultimately opened the door for him to spend two seasons writing on NBC’s Grimm, where he also was involved in all aspects of production on his episodes. He’s also written on the hit CW series Arrow. He’s sold three pilots, and written a psychological horror feature for a studio. He’s currently developing a pilot for MGM TV.

To help inspire the next generation of writers, Spiro created and continues to produce the “Intro to TV Writing” panel at San Diego’s Comic-Con, currently in its eleventh year. Spiro co-chairs the WGA’s LGBTQ+ Committee.

Fun facts: Spiro was a drummer in an all-girl garage band in high school. He likes travel, is learning French, and enjoys painting. He tweets about his Star Wars obsession, as well as writing, chocolate and anything geeky on Twitter and Instagram.
@spirographo and IG @spirovisionproductions

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