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Nielsen Streaming Top 10: ‘You’ Returns to No. 1 Spot With Debut of Season 4 Part 2

Penn Badgely (Courtesy of Netflix)

You” has reclaimed its position at the top of Nielsen’s weekly streaming rankings. The Netflix series starring Penn Badgley was watched for 1.4 billion minutes throughout the March 6-12 window, during which second part of Season 4 was available for four days.

Outer Banks,” last week’s top title, came in at No. 2 with 1.2 billion minutes watched during the first full week of availability of Season 3. At No. 3 was “MH370: The Plane That Disappeared,” Netflix’s three-episode limited documentary series about Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. It was watched for 1.2 billion in its first five days of availability.

Fourth place went to “The Last of Us.” The HBO series was watched for 1.1 billion minutes from March 6-12, which included a majority of the viewership of Episode 7, which debuted hours before Nielsen’s window began, and a small portion of viewership for Episode 8, which debuted hour before the window closed.

Luther: The Fallen Sun” debuted at No. 5. The thriller film first premiered in theaters on Feb. 24 before landing on Netflix March 10, racking up 898 million minutes watched in its first three days of streaming.

The Mandalorian” came in sixth place after the release of its third season earned it last week’s No. 5 spot. The “Star Wars” series was watched for 889 million minutes from March 6-12, which marked the first full week of availability for Season 3 Episode 1 and the first five days of availability of Season 3 Episode 2.

The No. 7, No. 8 and No. 10 positions went to “NCIS” (888 million), “South Park” (806 million) and “Cocomelon” (727 million). respectively, which each frequently make the chart as audiences rewatch them.

Impressively, in the No. 9 position was the Chris Rock standup comedy special “Selective Outrage.” The special, which was watched for 798 million minutes during its first full week of availability despite only being one hour long.

See Nielsen’s list of overall streaming rankings for March 6-12 first, followed by original streaming titles, acquired titles and then films.

Variety's Selome Hailu contributed to this post.


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