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Nissa Diederich Named 20th Television Exec VP of Production, Jim Sharp to Depart

Nissa Diederich (Left) and Jim Sharp (Right)

Courtesy of Walt Disney Company

Nissa Diederich, most recently the executive vice president of production for Touchstone Television (formerly Fox 21 Television Studios), has been named head of production at 20th Television in the wake of the consolidation of the Walt Disney Company’s TV studios.

Longtime production executive Jim Sharp, who had served as 20th’s production head and spent decades at the company previously known as 20th Century Fox, will depart the studio at the end of the year after assisting with the transition. Known as a smart, seasoned executive, Sharp’s oversight on productions at Fox dates back to shows such as “Malcolm in the Middle” and FX’s “The Shield.”

“Nissa’s a spectacular executive who has overseen dozens of our most ambitious productions, earning the trust and gratitude of showrunners, executives and network partners alike,” said Walt Disney Television president Craig Hunegs. “And we are grateful that Jim Sharp will stay on to ensure a smooth transition. We owe him an enormous debt for the incredible job he has done and his many years of service.”

Diederich is set to oversee all studio production matters, including on shows such as “This Is Us,” the “9-1-1” franchise, upcoming series “Big Sky,” “Genius: Aretha” and “American Crime Story,” and other pilots in the works. Prior to her role at Touchstone, she was a senior VP at Fox 21 and 20th Century Fox Television. Sharp first brought Diederich on board at Fox two decades ago to work in production finance, where she ultimately rose to oversee all aspects for primetime network, cable, international and alternative TV production for Fox Television Studios, Fox World Productions, Regency Television and The Greenblatt Janollari Studio.

“I want to thank Dana, Craig, and Karey for this opportunity to continue to help our creators get their visions both in front of the cameras and onto the screen. It’s a job I truly love and there is nowhere I’d rather be than at this studio,” said Diederich. “I also want to thank Jim, who brought me to Fox twenty-three years ago as a production finance manager, for providing me the opportunity to grow as an executive. He leaves a legacy of excellence which will always be synonymous with 20th.”

The production of all of Ryan Murphy’s series have been overseen by Diederich, including the “9-1-1” franchise, “Ratched,” “The People V. OJ Simpson” and all nine seasons of “American Horror Story.” Other shows whose production Diederich has overseen include Showtime’s “Homeland,” NatGeo’s “Genius,’ Hulu’s upcoming “Dopesick” and others.

Variety's Elaine Low contributed to this post.


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